Ash tree disease

Here’s a message I received via Councillor Martin Rhodes.


Dear Member
You will be aware of the recent press coverage in relation to Ash Tree disease that has now been found in locations across the UK.
To date we have not received any reports of cases having been identified within Glasgow at this time, with the nearest reported case we are aware of being in Port Glasgow.
Land and Environmental Services is working closely with Forestry Commission Scotland to ensure a co-ordinated approach should any cases be identified within Glasgow.
Forestry Commission Scotland has identified a co-ordinated approach for investigating the disease affecting Ash trees (Chalara fraxinea). Each member of Forestry Commission Scotland staff has been allocated a 50km grid in which to check known Ash sites for symptoms.  Forestry Commission Scotland is feeding back its findings to the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (for England and Wales), enabling a UK wide picture to be established and co-ordinated control strategies to be developed.
In relation to Ash trees which are within the ownership of Glasgow City Council, I can advise that Land and Environmental Services have put in place the following arrangements:
  • Arboricultural Officers will arrange a tool box talk for frontline Arboricultural staff to provide guidance on how to identify symptoms.
  • Arboricultural staff will report any suspected cases to an Arboricultural Officer for verification.
  • An Arboricultural Officer will then verify this on the ground and report cases to the Forestry Commission Scotland.
  • Forestry Commission Scotland will then advise on what actions should be undertaken.
Members of the public wishing to report suspected cases on their own land should contact the Forestry Commission Scotland on 0131 314 6156 (9am – 5pm weekdays and out-of-hours messaging system) or by email at or online at
I have attached Forestry Commission Scotland guidance which may be of assistance in identifying symptoms.
Should the position change in relation to the disease being found in Glasgow, I will provide a further update on the situation.
I trust this information is of assistance.
Stevie Scott
City Parks & Open Spaces Manager
Land and Environmental Services