Update from Glasgow City Council

Ian Fraser (Land and Environmental Services, Glasgow City Council) sends his apologies for being unable to attend the January FOMP meeting, but has provided the update below, along with two attachments showing detail of the play park improvements (PDF) and the positioning of the notice board (image below).

I am able to advise that the design for the play area has been completed (copy attached) which shows a wide range of equipment based on the groups visits to Drumchapel etc. The meeting between GHA and LES was very positive and the GHA are supportive of the proposal and will make an application to their directorate in April 2013 for funding towards the play area.

The tender for the entrance at Maryhill Road is still unfortunately with our procurement.

Work instructions have also been issued to install the directional finger signs throughout the park and also the park notice board at the Caldercuilt Rd Entrance (see image). There is another notice board for the Maryhill Road entrance to the park but this will only house a map of the park and will be installed when the map is ready.

I am still waiting on word to see if the wetland proposal Landfill application has been successful.

The arboriculture officer has advised that the Chestnuts are in decline and the only thing that can be done is to monitor them and undertake any works when necessary.