For the coming week a comet can be seen in our twilight skies in the west. Although this comet is bright enough to see without a telescope, it’s a bit tricky to spot because it is so close to the Sun.

The best place to see the comet in Maryhill Park is from near the top of the avenue that leads down to Maryhill Road, looking due west out over the allotments through a gap in the trees. I put together this image using a guide from Sky & Telescope magazine – the position of the comet may be out by a few degrees, but it’s good enough to give you a pretty good idea of where to look.

Comet PanSTARRS from Maryhill park

The best time to try and see it is between 6.30pm and 7.00pm. On Tuesday 12 March the comet will be to the left of the crescent Moon which will help guide your eye. After the Sun has set it’s worth scanning that area of the sky with your eye or binoculars. A telescope isn’t needed to see it.

If you fancy a walk over Maryhill Road, Dawsholm park offers a horizon with less trees in the way. This photo was taken near the swing park at the edge of the trees, where five paths cross at the west side of the park.

Comet PanSTARRS from Dawsholm park

If you don’t see this one, then comet ISON is coming later in the year and is looking like it might be quite a spectacle. Happy comet hunting!

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