Park update

A few bits of news – expect further updates at FoMP’s next meeting (7pm ASDA community room, Tues 4th June):

Glasgow City’s Land and Environmental Services (LES) has said that the application to the Landfill fund for putting a wetland area in the park has been successful. Details are yet to emerge but we will have our say on how this money is spent.

The avenue leading down to Maryhill Road has seen a few improvements: several new trees, two new heavy-metal benches and a new boom gate at Maryhill road. This gate currently isn’t being locked and it’s possible to get quad bikes around it, but we’ve asked LES to correct that. (I’ve heard that quad bikes have returned to the park but the police gave chase with some success!)

Unfortunately, Glasgow Housing Association have decided not to co-fund the building of a teen/children’s play park. Although this is disappointing, LES still has some money to spend. More details will emerge in coming weeks. LES says that there is usually a 12 week time between ordering play equipment and it being delivered and ready for fitting.

We’ve fed back on our preferred site for the orchard – just to the south east of the trig point and to the west of the bowling greens.

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