New Historical Photos

Maryhill Park  (September 1926)
The planting of the Lime tree avenue

These pictures were sent to us by the manager of the Botanic Gardens, who also donated a very generous amount of plants to our Summer Fair

Maryhill Park (September 1926)
The bowling greens and tennis courts with a rather splendid pavilion!
Maryhill Park (Undated)
Where in the park is this? Or is it not Maryhill Park?


2 Replies to “New Historical Photos”

  1. The first two pictures are amazing. It’s great to recognise what the avenue looked like when it was planted – I wonder when that was ?

    The third pic doesn’t seem to be of Maryhill Park. The drainage channel detail is seen at Kelvingrove Park, along the edges of some of its paths or drives, and the railing detail is seen there too. Maryhill has a more vertical design of railing for the mostpart, although there is some of this ‘parkland’ fence at the bottom, just above the running track. Maybe someone can identify the building ?

  2. The photograph of the Avenue is dated September 1926. The photograph of the Greens is from September the same year. I guess this is pretty close, to when the Park was first opened.

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