Friends of Maryhill Park – October Meeting Update

Well, what an exciting meeting 🙂

As well as a representative from Glasgow Life, we also had a representative from the Council’s Land and Environmental Services.


We have an update on the playpark! 🙂

Work will be beginning late January/Early February 2014, and should take about 5 weeks to complete. I have a copy of the new plans, and as soon as I can sort out an electronic copy I will upload it. There will also be a copy put up on the Park noticeboard, hopefully on Thursday.

There will be an area to the far left for wee kids comprising springy things, toddler swings and one of those spinning cup things you sit in. As well as that there will be a “Scramble and Slide” multi-activity unit – the standard thing with slide, climbing net etc. And a springy thing for big kids. And swings. And roundabout. And basket swing. And benches, and picnic tables. It all looks really good. As part of this they will also be resurfacing the playpark, and fixing the gate.

But that is not all…

The current park entrance gate at the playpark is going to be modified to give a big, wide grand park entrance with a gate that should be much easier to get buggies through. The Whitton Street entrance will also be modified slightly, and a more accessible gate fitted.

Excited yet? I know I am!

And that’s still not all…

The much discussed wetland area will also be going in early next year (feb/mar time). Again I have a plan in paper format, this will go up on the noticeboard in the park, and up here when I sort out an e-copy. It again looks really good, and should create a really interesting and diverse habitat in the park from a seasonal wetland area -> marginal marsh -> damp meadow -> meadow/grassland with a few new trees thrown in. There will be a lot of new planting which should provide much needed colour in the years to come.

These projects will make a fantastic difference to our park, and I can’t wait to see them in place!

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