Friends of Maryhill Park: Meeting 28th January 7pm, Maryhill Burgh Halls

The next meeting of the Friends of Maryhill Park will be at 7pm on Tuesday 28 January, but for a change we will be meeting in the Garden room of Maryhill Burgh Hall.

The agenda can be found below, along with a link to view or download minutes of the last meeting.
This meeting will be a little different from others, because we’ll taking a long view of what we want for our park, which will feed into the evolving Park Plan document started by Rosie:–ryTpX9_Pmd3YVKPTZpjXt_AXxggsxCU/edit?usp=sharing

It’s best viewed online as it will change as people make comments to it – which you can add yourself without having to log in. We do not want to exclude anyone who’s not comfortable with the web, so do let me know if you’d like to see it in an alternative format.

Please have your say on what you want for your park – it will affect what gets done if a good number of us gets behind an idea. To give a few examples: you can see all the hard work done by volunteers tidying up the park; Yvonne at Glasgow Life has supported us in getting the tennis courts playable again; and, as per Wayne’s presentation at the Oct meeting, very soon you will see works start around the play park area in response to feedback FoMP has given Glasgow city council. More details on upcoming works will be given at the meeting.


1.    Welcome & Apologies

2.    Matters arising from the last meeting & minutes approval

3.    Report from Glasgow city council departments

4.    Updates: horticulture; volunteers

5.    Park plan discussion

6.    AOCB

7.    Date of next meeting

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