Park management rules proposal

A message from Glasgow city council. Note the proposal consultation ends 14th February 2014.

Glasgow City Council is proposing to create new Parks Management Rules.

Glasgow’s parks and open spaces are for everyone to use and enjoy, and these Rules are designed to encourage all parks users enjoy our parks and open spaces safely and responsibly.

We encourage park users to:

  • Take responsibility for their own actions
  • Respect other people
  • Care for the environment
  • Help safeguard parks and open spaces for future generations

The proposed management rules will be available for public inspection at Exchange House, 231 George Street reception, and online at between Monday 13 January and Friday 14 February 2014

Comments on the proposed management rules can be made to:

or in writing to:

Land and Environmental Services
Parks Management Rules
Exchange House
231 George St
G1 1RX

2 Replies to “Park management rules proposal”

  1. I am dismayed to read that GCC wish to limit the numbers of folk congregating in parks, they may regret setting a number. Much anti-social behaviour is not in large groups but in smaller groups. Yes, large groups can be intimidating and after the Kelvingrove gathering which blotted the landscape with tons of litter, the parks do need rules, but surely common sense can prevail.
    I am interested how you intend to police it in these days of budget cuts and with further cuts due.

    1. Policing the park management rules is nothing to do with the Friends – the management rules are set by LES, and would be policed by them. So you should register your objections with LES.

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