Lichen Walk – Sunday 7th December

Lichen walk: Air Pollution indicators

Sunday 7th December


Maryhill Park, meet at the Maryhill Road Gate at 1pm, G20 0AB

Come and learn what lichens can tell us about the air quality in your local park. Join OPAL as we walk around Maryhill Park looking for lichens and spotting some of the special species which indicate how much pollution is in the air. Find out if the air in Maryhill Park is clean and clear or whether it suffers from pollution from car exhausts. On our walk we will learn to identify some of the indicator lichens and learn how to complete an OPAL air survey, .

Participants will each receive a Air Quality survey pack to take away.

Please dress appropriately for our glorious Scottish winter weather!

For more information or to sign up for the walk email or call 0141 420 5010 (ext 270). You can also just turn up on the day!

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