F.o.M.P Meeting: 10th February, 7pm

Please find attached the agenda (link) for the forthcoming meeting of the Friends of Maryhill Park. It will take place in the Summerston Asda Community room on Tuesday February 10th at 7pm. As always, anyone is very welcome to attend the meeting.

You will see from the agenda, that there will be discussions around potential projects, both future and current. One such is something which has been brought to us by Glasgow City Council, and which I’m hopeful we may feel able to support.

 GCC have a cast iron pillar in storage, which was a memorial to the ‘Maryhill Martyr’ – one George Millar, who is described as having been a ‘trade union martyr’.  The pillar was originally located at the entrance to the former Maryhill Parish Church and bears a plaque which reads:

“TO THE MEMORY OF GEORGE MILLAR, who was mortally wounded at the age on Nineteen on the 24th February 1834, by one of those put to the Calico Printing Trade for the purpose of destroying a Union of the regular workmen, formed to protect their wages. THIS MONUMENT WAS ERECTED BY HIS FELLOW OPERATIVES.”

Our proceeding with a project like this need not preclude the reinstatement of the fountain at the main gate, but it seems to me this is something which feels very appropriate, and seems to be at a stage that it could be advanced fairly swiftly.  

I have contacted the heritage officer at Maryhill Burgh Halls, as this obviously ties into their historical narrative too [with the Calico Printers being one of the trades portrayed on the stained glass windows there].  

Do feel free to email me with any thoughts or information on this matter, we will try to get more information on George Millar, and can discuss whether this is a suitable project for FOMP and the park, and look at potential locations for the pillar if people are keen. 

To be discussed further on the 10th… 

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