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  1. Comment on minutes. 12/2014
    In 2014 Fork spent 40 hours on path between Summerston and Balmore Rd mainly clearing litter in angling hot spots and from drinking dens. We cleared 2 fallen trees.
    We are continuing in 2015 to clear litter.
    Best entrance is from St Pauls not Acre Road.
    FORK made representations on the Green Belt Area along this path which was included in the New City Plan (consultation 2014) as possibly a site for housing in the future.

    FORK is developing a walk along this part of the river. Firstly to bring this forgotten part of The Kelvin to peoples attention and highlight the rich habitat provided. We also briefly deal with past use.

    We ran this walk as part of the RSPB Garden Festival in Autumn and will run it at least twice in 2015 with both RSPB and Glasgow Natural History Society. Our aim is to establish interest and knowledge for use in shaping any future development to safeguard the river walk and habitat should this area be developed for housing.

    We are still developing this walk and I’m happy to take a few of your members along the walk as they will be able to contribute knowledge and improve the walk.

    Allan Twigg (Treasurer FORK)

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