Glasgow City Council: Area Budget Investment Strategy

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“I would be grateful if you could forward the following message to local people,  groups and organisations known to you in the Canal and Maryhill/Kelvin ward areas.  A paper copy of the survey could also be provided where required.

Canal Area Partnership has an annual Area Budget of £68,012 to be spent on community activity to enhance Ward 16 whilst Maryhill/Kelvin has an annual budget of £67,143.        Applications are currently welcome from not for profit groups/organisations for project activity and/or small capital spend.

In June 2015, Glasgow City Council approved proposals relating to the way in which the Area Budget is allocated.   A key proposal is for each Area Partnership to identify investment priorities to guide how their Area Budget is allocated within the ward from 2016/17.

As a part of the engagement process we would love to hear your views on what you believe the Canal or Maryhill/Kelvin Area Partnership Budgets could be allocated towards in future.  You are invited to complete a short survey by following the link below:

I would be grateful if responses could be forwarded to me no later than Friday 8 January 2016.

We really appreciate your time and are looking forward to hearing your opinion!

Partnership & Development Officer

Glasgow City Council – Democratic Services

Partnership & Development (North West Team)”

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