A number of raised beds in the Community Garden growing area are available for adoption each season, so please watch out for announcements in early Spring if you are interested in growing your own veg/fruit/flowers.

Please email your details using the contact address ( if you would like to join the waiting list.

Families and other groups are welcome – please contact us.

Adopt-a-bed user notes…

  1. Please feel free to work on the beds whenever is best for you.
  2. Regular volunteers are usually there (or in the main park) most Sunday afternoons, and will be happy to advise, exchange plants, gossip, complain about the weather…
  3. Our “garden shed” (big steel container) contains an assortment of tools and other stuff that you are free to use. It will usually be open Sunday afternoons if volunteers are around, and possibly other times by arrangement, but probably best to bring your own tools if you can.
  4. As you will be aware, we have an on-going problem with anti-social behaviour, so be prepared for occasional disappointment. We try to live with it, in the hope that civilization will eventually be established. More community involvement (such as this) will help.
  5. You are advised to wear gloves when working in the soil. There is a lot of broken glass around, mostly after Saturday night activities (see #4) which we try to clear up, but best to be careful.