Beech Bashing at the Bowling Greens

The bowling greens area of the park has been very neglected for a long time. Today the volunteers made a start at rectifying this, working on reducing the size of some of the very overgrown hedges. The plan is to try and create a dense hedge for wildlife and shelter, whilst maintain views out.

Before Work Began…



Tennis Court Hedges Finished


After two weekends of hard work by the FOMP volunteers, the very overgrown hedge next to the tennis courts is looking much, much better! Thank you everyone for all your hard work.


Volunteers at work in the Park

The privet hedge alongside the tennis courts has got massively overgrown. Today, in the snow!, several people turned out to help remedy this situation. We have already manage to prune about half the hedge, and this has already made a huge difference. The next step is to finish off the hedge, which should considerably improve the feel of the tennis courts.

Before work began…

… And after.

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