Squirrel Dreys

As I was walking through the park yesterday, I saw a squirrel building a drey. It was selecting leaf fronds, chewing them off and carefully tucking them into a mass of other branches to create the drey. I guess winter must be coming!

In his 1974 opus, Mammals of Louisiana and its Adjacent Waters, the late eminent ornithologist George H. Lowery Jr. wrote that Grey squirrels — as well as Fox squirrels (S. niger) — create two types of dens.

Hidey Hole by John Benson https://www.flickr.com/photos/j_benson/7471675062
Hidey Hole by John Benson https://www.flickr.com/photos/j_benson/7471675062

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Maryhill Park Summer Fair to be held on the 21st June

Planning for this years summer fair is now well under way. We had a very productive meeting yesterday:

  • The date of the summer fair has been confirmed as Sunday 21st June.
  • We will plan to have the same stalls as last year, and also see if we can manage a few more, depending on the number of volunteers.
  • Face painting and bouncy castle will be booked again as they were such a success last year.
  • We’re going to have another meeting in two weeks to discuss progress – on the 26th of May (7pm, ASDA Summerston)

What we really need are volunteers – last year was incredibly busy, and the more help we have the better. If you can help, but you can’t make it to the meeting, please let us know what you’re able to help with.

Let’s make this summer fair even better than last year!

Before and After

Sometimes we forget what the park was like before we started work – so here’s some comparison pictures. Plus a couple of historical ones too: