F. O. M. P. Volunteers – The Tennis Courts

“The F.O.M.P. Volunteers undertake practical work within the Park, in this case pruning the severely overgrown privet hedge to the side of the courts. This has made the whole tennis court area seem much more open, and means that users of the courts can now enjoy the view.”

From F.O.M.P. Volunteers – Tennis Court Hedge, posted by Friends of Maryhill Park on 2/10/2013 (16 items)

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2 Replies to “F. O. M. P. Volunteers – The Tennis Courts”

  1. I am wondering if you can answer this enquiry for me

    I own a dog walking business and have in the past enjoyed the use of Maryhill Park to walk our dogs. There are 4 adults and we only walk a small number of dogs at 1 time.

    We noticed today that the tennis court area in the park appears not to be in use and wonder if it would be possible for us to use this area for our dog walking- we would be willing to ensure that the fencing was adequate that no dogs could get through to the gardens, We always pick up after the dogs.
    If this is something you might consider, we would be very willing to pay a fee for the use of the area,

    1. Hello, we would very much request that you do not do this – the tennis courts are currently used and we are working to improve them.

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