F. O. M. P. Volunteers

179733_514279375293542_1181513078_n (1)The Volunteers exist to undertake maintenance and other tasks within the Park. We are pretty new, but so far we have made a big impact. If you would like to get involved please contact us for more information.

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  1. Hi, I don’t know if u can help I live across from the park & the new kids play area is great it’s about time something happened in that park. But I think there needs to be some kind of park attendant occasionally keeping an eye on the play area. I have been in the park all weekend with my kids one is 9 & the other 4 I have been sick & tired of shouting at teenagers for jumping all over the climbing frame leaving their rubbish all over the place & the bin is next to them the cheek I’ve been getting. It is not a park for teenagers the little ones can’t get playing cause this lot are sitting, chasing each other on the climbing frame the young ones can’t get on it. It is such a shame cos they are going to wreak it there needs to be something done about this cause I’m sick & tired of having to say something I’m not the park attendant I just want to sit relax let my kids enjoy themselves not having teenagers run around a bench I’m sitting at & getting abuse from them. Also the basket swing the young kids can’t get on it cos of these teenagers.

    I would be grateful if something could be done because at end of day the park will have been a waste of tax payers money when everything is broken & nothing for the kids to go on just like last time everything was removed from the park it’s not fair on the kids & parents who want to enjoy the park.

    Elaine Mcfarlane

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