Park management rules proposal

A message from Glasgow city council. Note the proposal consultation ends 14th February 2014.

Glasgow City Council is proposing to create new Parks Management Rules.

Glasgow’s parks and open spaces are for everyone to use and enjoy, and these Rules are designed to encourage all parks users enjoy our parks and open spaces safely and responsibly.

We encourage park users to:

  • Take responsibility for their own actions
  • Respect other people
  • Care for the environment
  • Help safeguard parks and open spaces for future generations

The proposed management rules will be available for public inspection at Exchange House, 231 George Street reception, and online at between Monday 13 January and Friday 14 February 2014

Comments on the proposed management rules can be made to:

or in writing to:

Land and Environmental Services
Parks Management Rules
Exchange House
231 George St
G1 1RX

Park update

A few bits of news – expect further updates at FoMP’s next meeting (7pm ASDA community room, Tues 4th June):

Glasgow City’s Land and Environmental Services (LES) has said that the application to the Landfill fund for putting a wetland area in the park has been successful. Details are yet to emerge but we will have our say on how this money is spent.

The avenue leading down to Maryhill Road has seen a few improvements: several new trees, two new heavy-metal benches and a new boom gate at Maryhill road. This gate currently isn’t being locked and it’s possible to get quad bikes around it, but we’ve asked LES to correct that. (I’ve heard that quad bikes have returned to the park but the police gave chase with some success!)

Unfortunately, Glasgow Housing Association have decided not to co-fund the building of a teen/children’s play park. Although this is disappointing, LES still has some money to spend. More details will emerge in coming weeks. LES says that there is usually a 12 week time between ordering play equipment and it being delivered and ready for fitting.

We’ve fed back on our preferred site for the orchard – just to the south east of the trig point and to the west of the bowling greens.

Come together

I cycled through the park today and thought that it was looking better than I’ve seen it in the ten years I’ve lived here. The tulips we planted on the slope north of the bowling green caught my eye because red is not a colour we’ve had much of in the park (dog poo bins don’t count). I ran into Stephen K who has been doing great work getting the tennis courts playable for the summer – he was busy weeding a bed of colourful primroses. The community payback folks were there too painting the benches and fencing around the bowling green. Around all of this, the bushes, trees and beech hedge have been tided up by the great volunteer effort led by Rosie.

But, in a way these are symptoms of something more important. People have come together, they’ve talked through ideas and then worked together to improve the park. Some of these people live locally, some work for the council, some are our elected representatives and some were doing community pay-back for crimes they’ve committed. All of them improving a public space. And all this is just the start, there’s plenty more to be done.IMG_20130510_120737

If you’ve visited the park, whether walking the dog or pushing a pram, and appreciated any of the improvements or noticed a neglected spot you’d like to see improved, then you are also part of this community. Perhaps you might like to do more than look and wish. You can start by just saying hello or, if you’re shy, listening in. Come along to one of our meetings which are friendly and not particularly formal, the next one is on Tuesday 4th June, 7pm in the Asda community room. Or join volunteers in the park most Sundays between 2 and 4, if only to lend moral support. Or come and play on the tennis courts.

Keep an eye on this page or on the notice board in the park for events. I hope to see you there soon.

Update from Glasgow City Council

Ian Fraser (Land and Environmental Services, Glasgow City Council) sends his apologies for being unable to attend the January FOMP meeting, but has provided the update below, along with two attachments showing detail of the play park improvements (PDF) and the positioning of the notice board (image below).

I am able to advise that the design for the play area has been completed (copy attached) which shows a wide range of equipment based on the groups visits to Drumchapel etc. The meeting between GHA and LES was very positive and the GHA are supportive of the proposal and will make an application to their directorate in April 2013 for funding towards the play area.

The tender for the entrance at Maryhill Road is still unfortunately with our procurement.

Work instructions have also been issued to install the directional finger signs throughout the park and also the park notice board at the Caldercuilt Rd Entrance (see image). There is another notice board for the Maryhill Road entrance to the park but this will only house a map of the park and will be installed when the map is ready.

I am still waiting on word to see if the wetland proposal Landfill application has been successful.

The arboriculture officer has advised that the Chestnuts are in decline and the only thing that can be done is to monitor them and undertake any works when necessary.